Male cat Rocky (with approx. 6 months) since 19.10.2014, castrated.

How did I come to Rocky?

Suddenly two little cats came into the garden 2014. I called them Foxi and Rocky. After a few days only Rocky stayed. He is with me to this day.

Rocky got sick. On 09.02.2018 at the examination the doctor stated that Rocky has “jaundice” and problems with the “pancreas”. Thank God he was helped and on 13.02.2018 he could go home again.

He gets along well with all cats. He would like to be the “boss”, but this is Lucky.

When Sylvie Sterlin, a very good cat whisperer (animal communication, soul language) held her 2 workshops with me, it turned out that Rocky is a very good energy tomcat. He was always under the table. Or with the person who needed energy.

Rocky is a talkative cat. He meows and tells me the most exciting things. animal communication is such a great thing.

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Stay curious. I wish you / you a harmonious day.

Have fun and a wonderful time. Thank you for your visit.

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