Moritz, born ca. 02.04.2021 (since 11.07.2021 with me)

How did I get Moritz?

On 06.07.2021, an acquaintance asked me if I would have the opportunity to give a cat hit by a car, a home.

I could go on 08.07.2021 with to the veterinarian.I said yes. I went with to the vet. When I saw the male cat lying there, it was about me. Still on the same day he got from me the name Moritz.

On 11.07.2021 I was allowed to take Moritz with me. Every other day we were at the vet (follow-up).

In the beginning Moritz still smelled strange…. but soon the hissing of the other cats stopped.

Moritz has arrived now and my other cats have accepted him. Dalina finds in cool and she started to play with Moritz. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to animal communicators Sylvie Sterling and Rebbecca.

Moritz Geschichte

A cat was hit by a car in my town. Two German holidaymakers have noticed this. In the bewußen street lives my acquaintance. Her husband immediately took the cat to the vet. (08.07.)

The cat was operated on the jaw, his leg wound (right back) cared for and what else was necessary. The impact hit his head, so his pupils are constantly enlarged.

His wounds healed well, so that at the jaw the stitches could be taken out. The wound on the leg was now without a bandage. The photos show the before and after of the wound.

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Stay curious. I wish you / you a harmonious day.

Have fun and a wonderful time. Thank you for your visit.

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