Kater Snowball

Male cat Snowball (born 01.06.2012), he was neutered on 11.12.2012.

How did I get the tomcat Snowball?

A call from a cultural finca. They told me that this cat should be removed! Cat transport box into the car and off we went. A very trusting white male.

Back home he had found a friend in Lucky. You can see it on a picture. In the first weeks he developed into a cuddly beauty.

At the veterinarian it turned out that he had been shot with a shotgun. He was lucky. No vital organs were hit. He doesn’t seem to hear well!

Affectionately he is called Snowli 😉

Then it came as it had to come. Both ears had to be operated on 15.05.2018 because of a tumour. Unfortunately it starts again on one. 🙁

He is still cuddled up today, in the year 2020.

Who does not fall in love with his different coloured eyes?

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