Cat Luna

Cat Luna, born approx. 01.07.2017 (from 11.08.2017 to 27.05.2020) How did I get to Luna? My neighbour Maria said her daughter had found a young cat. Didn’t I want her? The first thing Luna did was to snarl at all the cats, these are Minca, Lucky, Snowball, Rocky, Racker and Mobbel. Even the farm cats were not spared. On 27.02.2018 Luna was sterilized. In the course of time it became less with the “hissing”. Just a “princess”. Sometimes I called her “a bitch”, she didn’t like that. At the beginning of June 2019 Sylvie Sterlin, a cat psychologist, was with me and held 2 workshops. Among other things we “communicated” with Luna. Luna said that she was a very good cat! It helped, Luna behaved much better since then. Thanks Sylvie.

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Then came the 26th May 2020! For two days Luna didn’t let us see her. On Monday, 26.05.2020 she came home at 20:30h in a bad state of health and meowing. What was wrong with Luna? On Tuesday, 26.05.2020 at 9:30h I drove with her to the vet. Took the appointment for Rocky was. The blood test showed very bad values. GPT and GOT were much too high (>1000,00 U/l) …!! The diagnosis: Hepatitis and pancreatitis … On Wednesday, 27.05.2020 at 17:00h Luna went to the rainbow country. Rest in peace Luna. We miss you very much. Without any previous signs and with not even 3 years. How can this be??

Stay curious. I wish you / you a harmonious day. Have fun and a wonderful time. Thank you for your visit.

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